All About
Small Tournament Systems (STS)

STS aims to provide services to archery by allowing:

  • Club records officers to enter, modify & present their club shooting records. The software does all the hard work: looking up handicaps classifications. The score input screens are designed to be mobile phone friendly.
  • Tournament organisers to arrange target lists, leaderboards & results (work in progress!).

If you would like to play with the STS web site, you can access and modify the Bowmen of Testing pages by using:

Username = phil
Password = phil

at the STS Home Page login.

If you would like to use STS for your club, contact me: Mark Leach and I will set you up a club, username, password, etc. I am looking for a couple of 'early adopter' records officers who can give me feedback & guidence into what is needed.

Please note that the software is currently only fully implemented for Senior Archers shooting Outdoor Rounds.

STS is a Meta-Synthesis website